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Supply Chain International … the next step in the total logistics solution

Supply Chain Solutions Ltd is proud to introduce its newest addition, Supply Chain International Ltd. A worldwide freight forwarder based in NZ.

Supply Chain International is an independently owned and operated, freight forwarder based in New Zealand that combines the significant industry experience of Peter Furlong and his team with the Warehousing and Distribution expertise and magnitude of Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.

Supply Chain Solutions Ltd has been involved in the Contract Warehousing and Distribution business for the past 15 years and focuses on innovative solutions.  They will bring this strength to Peter Furlong’s 30 years International Freight Forwarding experience.

At Supply Chain International Ltd, we offer worldwide transportation solutions, both to and from New Zealand, for any range of products and businesses. With our innovative freight solutions, years of freight forwarding expertise, you can trust us to get your products from door to door on time.

So if you’re looking for a reliable freight forwarding partner that you can talk to, give us a call on 09 973 5840 or email Peter at peter.furlong@supplyci.com

  • Customs bonded warehouse
  • MPI Approved Facility
  • RACA approved for exporting as known shipper via airfreight
  • Door to door services
  • Customs brokerage, tariff consultancy services, duty  concessions and advice

Peter Furlong

Managing Director

Peter has 30 years’ experience in International Freight Forwarding and has a wide knowledge of airfreight and seafreight for almost any type of commodity.

Peter’s experience ranges from dealing with major projects such as the A1GP to assisting clients in starting new businesses involving importing and/or exporting. He has worked with all facets of international forwarding; including general cargo, perishables, dairy, medical etc in all trade lanes.

Peter loves to deal with clients and provide the best possible solutions to their freight forwarding problems. His expertise and passion for freight forwarding is the key to your success.

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The next step in the total logistics solution

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